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Dear customers, this website will be shutting down on the 23rd of December as I will no longer be the rep. I am still happy to order saddles that are In Stock in Germany, however we will not be restocking our "In Stock" items. I would advise if you are after something we have In Stock, please purchase as we are running low on all item. Thank you Bettina 

Important information, From 31st December I will no longer be the rep for Barefoot, which means if there is no one replacing me, this website will be closed down. Please understand, at this stage, I have not found anyone, and there is a possibility I won't. If you are after items, please purchase then now!. while they are "In Stock". If you purchase an item that isn't IN STOCK, we will issue a refund - the payapl fees. 

 Sale Items are for "IN STOCK" items only!. If the size or colour is out stock and you want it, a refund will be issued, so please do not purchase items that are "not available". 

  • Lazy Mountain
    Lazy Mountain
  • Soft Wlak
    Soft Wlak
  • Just Ad Just
    Just Ad Just
  • Arizona Nut - Western
    Arizona Nut - Western
  • Madrid
  • Amber Bridle & Physio Bareback Pad - Turquoise
    Amber Bridle & Physio Bareback Pad - Turquoise
  • Wellington - Dressage
    Wellington - Dressage
  • Trail Bridle
    Trail Bridle
  • Atlanta
  • Barrydale
  • Kids Cheyenne
    Kids Cheyenne
  • Physio Nature - Bareback Pad
    Physio Nature - Bareback Pad
  • Physio Bareback Pad
    Physio Bareback Pad
  • Cheyenne
  • Nottingham

Lay-by your new saddle & tack. 


This is an Aussie initiative for Aussie's only, because we know how hard it can be sometimes to part with the full cost of a saddle at once, and  you might just need that extra time to sell your existing saddle.

This means that you can place a deposit on your new Barefoot saddle, saddle package and tack, pay it off in instalments.

There are no hidden fees, no extra costs, just a genuine programme for genuine horse people who want to enjoy the quality and comfort of a Barefoot saddle & tack.

Lay By