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       NEW - Physio Nature BB Pad

                   Now Available 

          NEW - Physio Support BB Pad

                      Now Available 


Barefoot leather Anatomical girth.

Limited sizes available 

Was $155.80 Now $95.00 Saving $60.80

           NEW - Wellington Special pad. 



Stretch & Breath Breastplate, now available for order!. 

New colours, for Barefoot Physio Bareback pads,  Cognac, Silver-Grey, Green. 

               Now available for order. 


Colour Bareback Physio Pads,

Blue, Cherry & Light Blue. .  



Dressage saddle.

Now available in size 1 & 2. ORDER NOW!

Limited Numbers 


Now Available! Happy Valley

For the riders who like a twist in their treeless saddle, this is the saddle for you!

You will find the Happy Valley under "saddles".

Communication neck ring.

Designed FOR Horses!
Super neck ring for aids from the saddle or for groundwork. Plaited, sturdy, easy care Dry Tex material. We have added a center patch which gives the ring weight and therefore helps to balance it. The ring lies with the patch against the horse's chest and balanced itself. Through the wider patch reverse acting aids are optimally transferred to the sternum. The patch also looks chic - is braided and decorated with a concha.
Available late February. 

NEW! Stirrup Turners.

Available now!.

Stirrup Swivel and extender
This handy accessory turns stirrup by 90 degrees
This eliminates time consuming turning of fenders.
The stirrups automatically hang in correct position, no annoying poking around.
colours: Brown or Black

New! Cage Stirrup.

Now In Stock 

A stirrup for all occasions! 

The Barefoot 'Cage' stirrup provides security, because the flexible cage and the Rubber backing prevents slippage of the foot and thus snagging in the saddle. 

The New "Cage Stirrups" will be added in the coming weeks, will include price and full description.


New Madrid Saddle.
The Barefoot® saddle for classical riders! Our Barefoot model 'Madrid' is optically made for classical riding, but not only does it look right is also allows for a deep, secure seat.Closeness to the horse is noticeable: Your horse's working muscles and movement of the back are transmitted unlike with any other saddle of this type and therefore builds the basis of more precise riding. You will find "full" description and pricing for the "Madrid" saddle, under "saddles" and "saddle packages". 

Barefoot Fur-Saddle

Made from "real" sheep wool. The large knee roll support the riders legs whilst the, soft high, cantle supports the rider at the back. You will find "full" description for the Fur-saddle under "saddles".  


Lay-by your new saddle & tack. 


This is an Aussie initiative for Aussie's only, because we know how hard it can be sometimes to part with the full cost of a saddle at once, and  you might just need that extra time to sell your existing saddle.

This means that you can place a deposit on your new Barefoot saddle, saddle package and tack, pay it off in instalments. By the time you've paid it off it will be delivered to your door.

There are no hidden fees, no extra costs, just a genuine programme for genuine horse people who want to enjoy the quality and comfort of a Barefoot saddle & tack.

Contact us to find out more.