Barefoot Treeless Saddles Australia

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Giving Horses The Freedom to Perform Since 2002. 

Important information, Due to production and material cost increases there will be pricing increases, this will be implemented in the coming days. All saddle purchases on back order and laybys will stay the same price. 

  • Madrid
  • Lazy Mountain
    Lazy Mountain
  • Soft Wlak
    Soft Wlak
  • Just Ad Just
    Just Ad Just
  • Arizona Nut - Western
    Arizona Nut - Western
  • Amber Bridle & Physio Bareback Pad - Turquoise
    Amber Bridle & Physio Bareback Pad - Turquoise
  • Wellington - Dressage
    Wellington - Dressage
  • Trail Bridle
    Trail Bridle
  • Atlanta
  • Barrydale
  • Nottingham
  • Kids Cheyenne
    Kids Cheyenne
  • Physio Nature - Bareback Pad
    Physio Nature - Bareback Pad
  • Physio Bareback Pad
    Physio Bareback Pad
  • Cheyenne

Lay-by your new saddle & tack. 


This is an Aussie initiative for Aussie's only, because we know how hard it can be sometimes to part with the full cost of a saddle at once, and  you might just need that extra time to sell your existing saddle.

This means that you can place a deposit on your new Barefoot saddle, saddle package and tack, pay it off in instalments.

There are no hidden fees, no extra costs, just a genuine programme for genuine horse people who want to enjoy the quality and comfort of a Barefoot saddle & tack.

Lay By