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The Barefoot Saddle Consulting Service

Barefoot Australia offers saddle consultations, we have a range of saddles for you to try - this is a great way to try before you buy.  

Due to the high insurance costs and the constant covid "lock downs" we can no longer offer in-person consults. 

Barefoot is internationally renowned for providing excellent service to its customers to ensure they have the best fitting equipment for them and their horse.

With that said, Barefoot Australia is proud to carry on this tradition and offer you a saddle consulting service to enable us to evaluate your horse and take into consideration any issues he or she may have, and give you access to the latest Barefoot information to support your choice of saddle and equipment.

Email Consultation

Barefoot Australia also offers "email consult" for people that can not travel to us or are located interstate, there is a $50 fee for email consults and a little bit of work on your end. If you would like an email consult please email us at we will be happy to email you the "consult info sheet"  (email consult sheet below) which includes all information required for me to advise you on a Barefoot saddle system for you and your horse, this also includes video calls. If you get stuck with template or pommel sizing, please go to our face book page and go to video's. There you will find a detailed video "Pommel Placement" this will help you out - 

If you would like to send me a short video of you riding in your current saddle, just walk trot, it will help me assess you and your needs. Just remember, you don't have to send this in if you don't wish . 

Please be aware, I am not able to give advice on saddle systems by description of the horse, you will need to book in for an in-person consult or an email consult. 


Right click on image - save to your desktop -open file and print. 


It doesn't end once you have your saddle! You are always welcome to call or email us for advice and support, and we value you as our customers. If you ever need us, we aren't too far away.

Saddle Hire

* Saddle hire - is only for the demo saddles that we have available.

* Saddle hire fee - $150.00 includes email consult, with ph and video call support for the duration of the "saddle hire".  

* Barefoot saddle system, to suit you and your horse.

* 3 day hire, starting the next day of you picking up from post office. Return, is the day after the third day of hire.

* You, need to pay for return postage, including return postal insurance to the retail value of the saddle system you receive.

* You, need to agree and sign the "saddle hire" agreement.

Please contact us at