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Lay-by your new saddle

This is an Aussie initiative for Aussie's only, because we know how hard it can be sometimes to part with the full cost of a saddle at once, and  you might just need that extra time to sell your existing saddle.

This means that you can place a deposit on your new Barefoot saddle or saddle package and pay it off in instalments. By the time you've paid it off it will be delivered to your door.

There are no hidden fees, no extra costs, just a genuine programme for genuine horse people who want to enjoy the quality and comfort of a Barefoot saddle.

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Please head over to Saddle consultation for printable template.  

How to choose the right size for you.


A = Length of saddle

B = Length of seat

C = Length of flap

Barefoot Saddles are handmade. Each saddle is unique. All figures are estimates - minor differences are possible.

Please note:
The length of saddle (A) is the overall length. Since there is no pressure at all in the rear part, the horse can move freely. Even if the saddle looks a little too long on your horse, choose the size according to your measurements. It is very important that the saddle fits the rider well, so he has enough space between thighs and pommel and does not sit on the pommel or cantle, which would limit the saddle's adaptability. The horse's back is free of any pressure at the rear - the Barefoot can even be lifted slightly at the cantle with a rider on board.

Barefoot now offer size 3* in selected saddles, these are special order items and take around 15 weeks for delivery. 

Women sizing

Up to size 8 - Saddle size 0

Up to size 12 & Tall size 14 - Saddle size 1

Up to size 14 - Tall 16 - Saddle size 2

Up to 14 - 18 + Tall 20 - Saddle size 3

Men's sizing, 

22-26/28 size 1

28 - 34 size 2

Any Questions regarding sizing please contact us