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Giving Horses The Freedom to Perform Since 2002. 

Owned and operated by riders who care

The Barefoot range of outstanding horse equipment is the creation of Sabine Ullmann, a horse physiotherapist from Germany. For Sabine it all began with her own mare, Miss Painty, a very demanding mare with an aversion to saddles and a unique back. Miss Painty was always tense and the search for a well fitting saddle became difficult and disillusioning. Sabine sought advice from saddlers far and wide, but none could provide completely satisfying answers to her questions, such as "How can a saddle with a rigid tree fit when my horse's body changes with movement?"  and "How can I determine whether the saddle still fits tomorrow?"

Luckily, Sabine is a perfectionist and after the fourth 'mis-fit' Sabine decided to help Miss Painty herself. Sabine became a horse physiotherapist and began to search for saddles that would fit in every situation. She fitted saddles made by a renowned saddle maker to many different shaped horses, and realised that the ideal solution would not be found in conventional, rigid saddles which inhibit the movement of the horse - after all, the horse's back changes constantly.

With this knowledge Sabine created Barefoot in 2002, which has grown into an international brand synonymous with quality, comfort and innovation.   Sabine is not afraid to admit how proud she is of this endeavour. The Barefoot team is made up of many individuals, all with a passion for making the world a better place for horses.